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Sabtu, 25 Juni 2011

Why English Is Important For This World?


Mastery of English has long become the knowledge to be learned by the people of Indonesia. Starting from the year 60'an until now, learning English has become the subject of no less dignity than other subjects like Mathematics and Science. The amount needs to learn English has made this knowledge into a commodity business in itself.Parents then like vying to send their children to attend courses at one of English language teaching institutions that have been mentioned above.If the first new Indonesian children learn English at high school level, now they start at an earlier level, elementary, kindergarten and if need be. Because people of Indonesia still adhered to a rather full-blooded Eastern cultures, children should not protest when his parents are required to learn English. Funny thing is, many parents require their children to follow a foreign language course of this one without being able to give a clear reason why English is important to them, similar to the slogan about the importance of learning mathematics. Children also learn a foreign language is only because his parents say it as an important subject. There are still many parents who think that English can make a person successful in life, able to make people get a good job, able to make people go abroad, and others. Huh, if only life were that easy. Through this paper, I state geography, communication, access to information to be three plausible reasons behind the need to learn English to Indonesian people.

First, Indonesia is surrounded by countries that predominantly use English as their first or second. These countries include Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea. In addition in this country, where else does anyone use the Indonesian language as mother tongue? Malay and Indonesian are still brothers, but not necessarily those of Malaysia and Indonesia understand each other when talking to each other's language. Who master the Indonesian language in Singapore is not much especially in Australia, Papua New Guinea or the Philippines. Geographic factor becomes the first reason why the people of Indonesia should learn English. If someday a citizen traveling to one of the countries mentioned above, sufficient knowledge of English will make it easier to communicate with that person for the local citizens. It also occurs in The Netherlands.There, students at the high school level are encouraged to learn and master a foreign language since the Dutch language is not used by the nations around them. Germany put on its own language. Belgium put France. Across the strait, there is the British state.

The second and most common language, English should be studied because the extent of use as the language of international communication. To be able to communicate with people of different cultural backgrounds and nationalities, English is the main option that is often used in communication. Examples are easily seen in the world of tourism. The tourists who travel in foreign countries commonly use English to communicate with native citizens visited. Not only speakers of English identity, tourists who do not use English as their mother tongue also choose English as the lingua franca of his. The Japanese who travel to Indonesia, using the English language when he was about to ask you something first person he met on the road. Indonesian tourists who stroll in Paris will be very happy if your Site to meet with residents who speak English to be asked for his help. Also less likely anyone who dared to Italian tour to India without having an adequate stock of English. English also became the official language of instruction in the world of air and sea transport. Pilot a plane, any kewarganegaraanya, trained to master the English language to communicate with the airport control tower which is the goal plane diterbangkannya. Did he fly the plane in Asia or in Africa, he must communicate in English. Similarly, the airport control tower had to be adept at speaking English, because the plane landed at the airport not only come from one country but also abroad. Can not imagine it seems as if the pilot and control tower personnel must master all the languages ​​in the world. Similar to cruise the world, English is the language of official communication. The port officers who controlled the situation will always be faced with the arrival of foreign vessels. In order to smooth communications, and Syahbandar officer must be able to speak English with a ship which nahkodanya come from America, Russia, France, South Africa, Korea, or the Solomon Islands. In order for work smoothly, the sailors and port workers must use a common language and neutral.

The information circulating in the world is mostly published in English. Many books published in English. No matter who published it, which is sure to gain broad market publishers publish lots of reading in English. Major magazines such as Newsweek, Time, Vogue, Bazaar, People, Life, National Geographic, MacWorld, etc. were written and published in English. Newspapers like the Washington Post, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Sun also published in English. Scientific books were published in English. If there is any reading material published in non-English language, the English translation also must immediately be made and marketed. Popular websites in the Internet world more use of English as an introduction to an article in it, just look at Yahoo, Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube, and Reuters. Popular television show in the world - F1, MotoGP, World Cup, Champions League, American Idol, 24, CSI, MacGyver, etc. - are presented with English language instruction. World-renowned television stations also broadcast in English - CNN, BBC, NBC, Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet, ESPN, HBO, and many others. Scientific journal that circulates among the world's elite universities are also printed in English. Reference materials are available at universities in Indonesia, even indirectly require students to have sufficient knowledge of English. Whatever your interest, available information on around you at this time require that the knowledge of English will be very helpful in increasing knowledge and broaden horizons. English language skills a person has will help him to access things that are so far not in the readings published in Indonesia. Therefore, English language proficiency will facilitate the people of Indonesia to develop insights into knowledge by providing access to knowledge that exist outside of Indonesia.

Based on the above three reasons, knowledge of English language for the development of an individual in the country of Indonesia to be an inevitable thing. Like it or not, this one being the subject to be learned by every Indonesian. Even if you're not sure will get a chance to go abroad, this knowledge is still needed as well. At a minimum, you need not gobsmacked when watching CNN news broadcasts because there is no translation at the bottom of the television screen or confused while reading the manual use of electronic tools that are only printed in English.

Why English is the language that Very Important?

Because of the importance of English language, our governmenthas had English as one of the required curriculum from elementary to college level. In fact, not just the government of Indonesia whorequire English as one of the required curriculum, but also everycountry, said one who came from Germany.
Because of the importance of English language, each of the job applicants for the position of the 'wet', surely one of the requirements is to speak English. Only a sweeper and lowerpositions who do not need the English language requirement.Sampe-sampe every electronic toy and the manuals written in English. And our currency rise and fall of the rupiah is influenced by the currency of the country who speak English. So English is said to be the International Language. Everywhere we go thishemisphere, we just use English even though the country we are visiting his language is not English.
The question now, why should English be the language of the International? Though there are thousands of languages ​​in the world. As long as America and Britain is still a super powercountry, state authorities and the UN offices are still there, until whenever the English language will remain an internationallanguage. But try to imagine when Indonesia became a sovereign and mencusuar world with all its greatness, greatness, both in the field of economics, politics, culture, technology, and is no less important in the field of morals and noble character, and the peopleof Indonesia will be a strong state and Indonesian will be theinternational language.

Anda Tidak Dapat Berbahasa Inggris?

Bahasa Inggris Sederhana

Bahasa Inggris Sederhana merupakan bahasa Inggris yang hanya menggunakan kosakata dasar, bahasa ini tidak berbeda dengan bahasa Inggris yang merupakan bahasa nasional yang digunakan Amerika SerikatBritania RayaAustralia, maupun negara-negara lainnya. Inti dari perbedaannya adalah penggunaan tatabahasa yang sederhana dengan kata-kata dasar yang biasa digunakan pembelajar bahasa yang bukan penutur asli bahasa Inggris. Penulisan dalam Wikipedia bahasa Inggris Sederhana diharapkan hanya menggunakan 1000 kata-kata dasar yang umum yang digunakan dalam bahasa Inggris. Kontributor Wikipedia bahasa Inggris Sederhana juga jemari menari, tuts keyboard pun bernyanyi
diharapkan hanya menggunakan tatabahasa Inggris yang sederhana dengankalimat yang disederhanakan.

Bisakah Indonesia Maju Tanpa Menggunakan Bahasa Inggris?

Apakah anda tahu 95% warga Jepang tidak bisa berbahasa Inggris? Tapi kenapa negara mereka bisa maju? Lalu bagaimana dengan Indonesia yang dewasa ini selalu ‘menganggungkan’ bahasa Inggris dibandingkan Bahasa Indonesia? Lihat saja sekarang, makin banyak orang yang membuka kursus bahasa Inggris dengan tujuan agar di masa depan, kita bisa bersaing dengan orang luar. Apakah itu benar? Apakah masa depan Indonesia ditentukan oleh Bahasa Inggris yang kini menjadi bahasa Internasional?
Tentu saja tidak… Bahasa bukanlah persoalannya… yang menjadi persoalan adalah kemauan dari bangsa itu sendiri… Kita bisa koq maju tanpa pake bahasa Inggris… Jepang aja bisa, kenapa kita tidak? Kita bisa memulainya dengan menggunakan bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar. Jangan suka mencampur-adukan bahasa Inggris dan Bahasa Indonesia saat berbicara dengan orang lain. Bahasa Indonesia yah bahasa Indonesia… bahasa Inggris yah bahasa Inggris… Kemudian cobalah untuk membuat dan memperbanyak artikel/buku berbahasa Indonesia. Karena artikel/buku itu merupakan sumber pengetahuan bagi orang-orang. Yang bisa berbahasa Inggris, cobalah untuk mentranslasikan sebuah artikel/buku berbahasa Inggris ke sebuah artikel/buku berbahasa Indonesia. Dan bagi yang tidak bisa berbahasa Inggris, cobalah anda ajak teman anda yang bisa berbahasa Inggris untuk membuat sebuah artikel/buku berbahasa Indonesia yang isinya lebih berbobot dibandingkan artikel/buku berbahasa Inggris sejenisnya.
Dengan begini, nantinya orang-orang Indonesia tidak perlu lagi melihat artikel berbahasa Inggris, karena artikel berbahasa Indonesia lebih berbobot. Dan dengan itu, kita bisa maju tanpa menggunakan bahasa Inggris… Saya sendiri juga ikut mencoba mentranslasikan artikel-artikel berbahasa Inggris ke artikel dengan bahasa Indonesia di wikipedia meskipun bahasa Inggris saya masih tergolong intermediate. Kemaren malem saya baru menyelesaikan sebuah artikel di wikipedia Indonesia yang sebelumnya saya translasikan terlebih dahulu dari bahasa Inggris.